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aiUkrainians have no choice. They must fight and win. If not, the consequences range from dramatic loss of freedom to shattering of home and family, Russification, torture, death... It is difficult to truly feel the impact of this type of situation if one has not been invaded. We as part of humanity can literally have an affect on actual people by a simple act of kindness. 
aiOn Brave Action Ukraine, we literally send it to the volunteers who have submitted their projects that we highlight here. They, in turn, are giving to specific people for specific purposes. 
aiThrough our direct connections, you can provide an incredibly meaningful and personal statement of support with your donation. No matter how much you give, it literally gives our volunteer recipients and the people they are helping, a boost inside themselves, an act of kindness and recognition for keeping up their resilience and bravery. 
aiSometimes knowing you registering that you care this way simply makes it easier for them to go through another day of being invaded and holding on.
aiThis is not just their country, it's a deep invasion of every Ukrainian person. And a touch from the outside makes all the difference in the world. 


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