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Echoes of Atrocity: A WAR-TORN Childhood

"Echoes of Atrocity: A WAR-TORN Childhood" is a compelling documentary revealing russia's war crimes against innocent Ukrainian children. 
Article written by I am Ukrainian

Interrogated by the Russians ‘That game was over’

Paul Hughs, a farmer and former serviceman from Canada, together with his son, have created a volunteer NGO in Ukraine, HUGS (Helping Ukraine grassroots support) — they left their home and came to help with the war effort and humanitarian initiatives.
Article written by Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group

Follow Me

This film is based on actual footage from the Ukrainian military including actual  drone footage. It is based on real characters and factual data.
Article written by Lyubomyr Levytsky

Le Minibus - Ле МАРШРУТКА

The presenter and avid traveler wanted so much to shoot a travel project about our country that she raffled off her own car on social networks, bought a yellow "Bohdan" minibus and set off. This legendary passenger bus is used by millions of Ukrainians on our roads....
Article written by Lesia Nikituk

Closed Eyes

The bloody war launched by Russia against Ukraine has caused massive destruction – ruined homes, lost prosperity, shattered dreams. However, the most painful tragedy of this fierce aggression is the mass deaths of civilians who paid for the right to be Ukrainians. 
Article written by Babyn Yar - The First The Last

War drama in photos

Millions of social media users are reacting solemnly to the image of a bright yellow kitchen in Ukraine that captures the grim reality of Russia’s targeting of infrastructure across the country.
Article written by Yan Dobronosov