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Alina Karnaukhova

FROM Dnipro, Ukraine

Despite the fact that I lost my husband in the war, I found the strength to continue the struggle

VOLUNTEER Alina Karnaukhova

Alina Karnaukhova is a senior soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a military financier, the wife of a Ukrainian defender who died at the front, and volunteer. She is from the town of Ukrainsk, 40 kilometers from Donetsk. 

When the war started in 2014, Alina volunteered to bring hot food to the soldiers. That's how she met her husband Serhiy - he served in the 93rd separate mechanized brigade "Kholodny Yar."

Alina's husband is a famous Ukrainian powerlifter and military man, chief sergeant of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a participant in the Russian-Ukrainian war. Master of Sports in international powerlifting, Serhiy is multiple prize-winner and champion of All-Ukrainian competitions from the late 1990s to early 2000s. He is 1999 world champion among juniors.

For a long time the couple had a long-distance relationship - Serhiy served, Alina came to visit him. In 2020 they finally got married and happily bought an apartment in Berdyansk. Serhiy was able to finish his service and return to civilian life. In Berdyansk, they both worked at a local meat processing plant: Serhiy as manager, Alina as financier.

On the morning of February 24, 2022 everything changed, no longer could they think of building their life together. The couple left their apartment in Berdyansk and quickly drove to Dnipro taking only the most necessary things. Serhiy joined the military once more and Alina started volunteering again.

Three months later, in May, everything completely changed again. During a combat mission in the Izyum direction, Serhiy Karnaukhov died. 

Three months after that, Alina decided to join the Armed Forces herself. "I realized that I need to mobilize because I will be among my own. I will feel the support of like-minded people." So she went to the Military Commissariat in Dnipro where she was already well known - there was a case about the death of her husband. Alina registered as a financier, found a military unit where she got a job, and started serving.

Alina's trauma, sense of purpose, and commitment to moving her husband's case forward motivated her to take a big risk and join the military. She says that she is not disappointed with her decision.

Alina is also co-founder of the public non-profit "Alive True Love Stories." The organization has 20 co-founders, all wives of fallen Ukrainian soldiers. They focus on a number of initiatives: commemoration, street renaming for fallen heroes, petitions for legislative initiatives, training in tactical medicine, and true storytelling through painting.

The women create support groups, art therapy projects, exhibitions, and they are making a book with their stories.

Alina is constantly on the move, it is difficult for her to do nothing even though she often feels overwhelmingly tired. Being of service helps her live through her grief and into possibilities. In her own words, "Despite the fact that I lost my husband in the war, I found the strength to continue the struggle."

True love story


the strength to continue

True love story


the strength to continue

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