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Yuliia Vasylenko (Sokolenko)

FROM Kropyvnytskyi, Ukraine

"Dear, the war has begun!" The next few hours were a total blur.

MY PROFILE Yuliia Vasylenko (Sokolenko)

Greetings, my name is Yuliia Vasylenko. I was born in central Ukraine, the city of Kropyvnytskyi, on October 4, 1994. My husband and I own a small restaurant.
Probably someone who has never encountered volunteering thinks that it is so easy. I was also of the same opinion before the start of a full-scale war. 
The war for me began on February 24 with a call from my mother: "Dear, the war has begun!". The next few hours were like a blur for me. Call relatives, friends, staff. No one had any plans of what to do next. We packed up and moved in with our parents, where there was at least some safe place for our two little children.
On February 25, my husband and talked and agreed, we will not sit idly by. We decided to help with what we could and started feeding displaced people, soldiers, volunteers, guys from territorial defense. 
Our friends, guests, immigrants started working in the same kitchen with us. Thanks to everyone who cared, we were able to help others.

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